Monday, October 14, 2013

Pain In the Foot

I know lots of injuries can occur with running. I had thought that foot pain was an exercise ender, that I would have to take weeks off until the pain went away.  A few years ago, I pulled a something under my arch and had to stop running. It felt like the pain would go away if I could pop my ankle. I did a lot of ankle rotations and some ice treatments, trying to get rid of the pain.  I had gone to the physical therapist a few times, but it didn't work immediately. Then I thought, why not try the chiropractor? They pop your neck and your back, could they adjust my feet?

Now, when my feet or legs or hips or neck or back hurt, I go to the chiropractor.  It has really been amazing how quickly I can run again. Usually I can run right after, sometimes I have to wait a day. While training for the half marathon I had some hip and foot tightness. He pulled and popped my ankle and does massage-type adjustments (working out knots.) He told me to rest and skip runs if I had pain, so I did. I was able to heal in a few days, at least enough to be able to run the race. I tell everyone at the gym to go to MY sports chiropractor.  The fun thing is that he was my neighbor growing up, so I have no problem recommending him. Chiropractic care might not work for all injuries, but it sure works for me.

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