Saturday, December 21, 2013

Cable Bridge Run

I had been watching the weather all week, hoping for no snow, no ice, no freezing limbs.  It was
30 degrees as we drove to the fairgrounds. Once we got there, we had to hop on a bus that took us to the starting area.
That's the Cable Bridge in the background.

The race started right at 9am.  They divided the fast and slow groups--7 minutes and under and 8 minutes and over.  We went in the 8 minute pace group.  I figured at 32 degrees, 8 minutes was a good goal.

The start of the race is an incline onto the bridge.  I never do hills, so that is not a fun start, but then you get to go downhill on the other side. I saw the 1 mile marker, but I never saw the 2 or 3 mile marker.  I knew when we turned by the warehouse, we had less than a mile to go. 

I tried to speed up at that point, but I didn't have anything to tell me if I really kicked or not until after the race. Some guy in orange started puking in front of me.  That was nice. When we came around the cranes at the finish line the clock was approaching 24 minutes.  We crossed at 24:11 but had to wait for the results to find out the actual time--took a while to cross the starting line and trip the chip timer.

Official Time 23:47
7:40 pace
That is a PR for a 5K.  I wasn't sure how I was doing.  My pants kept sliding down because I had regular tights under my compression tights and both were a little large in the waist. I wore gloves and an ear band.  And I ended up a little hot at the end, but at least I wasn't frozen!!!
The after race festivities included Santa handing out gifts, a girl right in front of me got a foam roller. I just missed it.  Then we had cookies and water. 
The tradition at this race is hot Dr. Pepper.  I didn't try any.  Water sounded great.
After a little breather, we went outside and got back on a bus that took us back to the truck.
The kids stayed home and watched Toy Story 3 while we ran.
This is what our 2 year old decided to do all on his own.  He opened the fridge, got out a tortilla and proceeded to ...
He's really smart and observant.
Just for fun, I went to the gym for about and hour after. I lifted back and shoulder and did some ab work.  Nothing too intense.
Now we're heading to the theater to see Frozen.

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