Monday, December 2, 2013

Quarter Mile Repeats

3 hours of good sleep is not enough to feel like I have my legs under me when I sprint.

I went in planning on doing 12x400m sprints at a 1:45 pace, walking 1 minute in between repeats.  It was so hard.  My legs were really heavy.  I got through 8 of them and had to take a break.  I stretched and did jumping jacks, trying to wake up my legs. I was thinking that I would run at 8.0 miles an hour, but it was actually 8.5 mph to hit the right time. Sheesh.

I finished that last 4 repeats and finally felt like I could keep going.  My time was up, the bus was coming soon, so I headed home.

That was a good, hard effort run.  I can go faster, I just have to push.  Adding an incline makes it all harder too.  I can tell my backside is getting stronger.

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
40 minutes--lift--back/shoulders
  • assisted pull-ups (70 lb. assist, 75 lb., 55 lb.)
  • military press
  • neutral shoulder press
  • v-ups (abs)
  • lateral raise
  • chainsaws
  • rows
  • rear deltoid fly
29 minutes--treadmill--quarter mile repeats--8.5 mph @ 1.0 incline. 4.0 walking 1 minute between.

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