Saturday, December 28, 2013

Post Christmas Clean-up

It is normal to wait for the New Year to take the Christmas decorations down in our house, but today I felt like cleaning and so we did.  It didn't take very long because everyone pitched in. Now it feels like I should deep clean. The lights on the house will stay up a while longer. We are planning on adding a room to our house, so I have been putting all of the real cleaning off until that project is done.  There is going to be a ton of dust and mess in the house during construction, so it doesn't really make sense.

We're going to be filling in this space to make a large family room upstairs.  It will be for toys and video games, a kind of hang out spot for the kids.  Then all of the "kid stuff" will be upstairs and the downstairs will be easier to keep clean and organized.  It should take 2 weeks to get it done, maybe a little more.  We're not sure when they are getting started, but some time in January. I am really excited to get it built.

We went to the gym this morning because it was cold and possibly slick.  It really wasn't slick outside, but definitely cold.  I decided to do mostly cardio today.  It has been really fun running in my new shoes.  I might be staying with this shoe for a while.  I still haven't done a long run in them to see how my knees and hips like that. Still love Brooks!

10 minutes--stair climber--warm-up
31 minutes--treadmill--sprints: 1 min. run 8.2-10.0 mph then walk 1 min. @ 4.0 mph
10 minutes--abs

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