Tuesday, December 3, 2013

Easy Workout

Today was my "day off."  I went to the gym and lifted a little and did a little cardio.  The owner of the gym is a great lady.  Sometimes we just sit and talk.  It was more beneficial for me to do that today than to run. 

I got a birthday cupcake from some church ladies today.  It was just a prelude to my birthday dessert.  I haven't decided what to get yet.   I am always satisfied with a maple bar, but that doesn't really seem special.  Maybe carrot cake? Maybe cheesecake?

I still am trying to figure out all of the capabilities of my phone. At least I have a few pictures. I took a picture of myself and saw how old my eyes are looking.  I thought I still looked young.  Not so much.  I need to find an eye cream to tame my crow's feet. 

Everyone slept last night.  That was a great blessing.  We are headed to the dentist today.  All 3 kids.  I am hoping that they will have cavities, so they will be more dedicated to brushing their teeth. 

If anyone needs some used size 10 running shoes,  I have several.

20 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
40 minutes--lift--squats and triceps

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