Monday, December 30, 2013

Running With Music

I haven't been running with music for the last 3 months.  I stopped running with my Ipod when I was training for the half marathon.  Now it's time to update my playlist.  Most of my songs are kid appropriate pop songs, songs from the Disney Channel, and older Pink songs. They are all at least a year old too.  
Music does make me feel like I can run faster, I just don't like the headphones and the wires. Plus, I find myself repeating 3 songs instead of listening to the whole playlist.  I need a 60 minute playlist that won't make me want to skip songs.

RunHundred --Checkout this website to find workout playlists. They create a Top Ten Workout Songs list every month.  You can buy workout mixes or link through iTunes and buy individual songs.  I checked out their list and the songs are good, but I wouldn't buy most of them. The lists are free to look at and listen to a sample of each song.  There is an add on fee if you want to download mixes from this DJ.

Pinterest has workout playlists too.  This one is the Top 100 Running Songs of All Time from SparkPeople. These aren't new songs.

Most of my music exposure is at the gym because I am not in my car a lot and I just don't turn on Pandora at home much.  I would love input on how you choose your workout music or if you have any songs that give you that extra lift when you run.

What are your favorite workout songs?
Where do you buy your music?

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