Friday, December 20, 2013

Yakisoba and Yoga

I was really hungry after the gym today. So I ate some Yakisoba with a can of chicken mixed in. It was really good.

I tried another class today--Yoga Fusion.  It is a mix of yoga, pilates, and other stretching.  When we did balance stuff, I was definitely more balanced on my right leg.

We did dead man's pose and breathing at the end and I almost fell asleep.  I got so relaxed.  Then when I got up to leave, I could barely move because I was so relaxed.

This is what I need at the end of my week, to decompress from all of the lifting and running.  So, Booty Barre and Yoga Fusion are in. The same instructor that teaches Yoga also does Zumba and Power Pump.  She was good at giving modifications for some of the ladies that were not in shape. She also gave harder options if you wanted to push a little.

It snowed this morning. There might be close to 2 inches on the ground.  The roads are pretty slippery.  I am lucky the gym is only 5 minutes away. It is supposed to melt some and then freeze again.  The weather changed again.  This is going to be a freeze your buns run tomorrow.  I need to figure out my layers still. I won't be stylin', but I'll be warm.

It's feeling like a hot chocolate kind of day.  I got the Christmas tree and star marshmallows and some mint hot chocolate.

20 minutes--AMT--8/12 Interval
45 minutes--Yoga Fusion class

What's your favorite hot chocolate?
Snow or not snow?

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