Monday, December 30, 2013

Replacing Workout Clothes

Exercise clothes are not made to last forever.  Today, when I ran, I could smell myself.  When you sweat a lot, STINK HAPPENS.  Washing clothes the same day as you workout helps, but sometimes you have to dispose of them. I think I usually keep my shirts for a year.  I have had my capris and sports bras for longer.  I think it is time to replace some of them.

One solution to cut the stink is to lay out sweaty clothes and let them dry first before throwing them into the hamper.  I should try this. You can rinse your clothes out too if you aren't going to wash them right away. Some clothes claim they can be worn more than once--anti-bacterial--but there are differing opinions on this.  I have a tank from Athleta that claims you don't have to wash it everytime you wear it, but I do anyway.

My goal for running today was 7 miles.  That would be my longest run in my new Brooks PureFlow2 shoes.  I didn't have a lot of energy when I woke up and I only ate a few crackers before I went to run.  Some days I can push and some days I really can't.  The goal was to do it without a specific time or speed.

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
30 minutes--lifting back
  • chainsaws
  • lat  pulls
  • seated row
  • assisted pull-ups
  • back extensions
54 minutes--treadmill--6.1 miles (didn't hit 7 running, but over 7 with AMT included)
                  --ran at 6.8 mph most of the time.

Do you have any stinky clothes solutions?
Favorite workout brands?


  1. Tide used to advertise a detergent with i think febreeze added for sports clothes. I bought some, although i couldnt tell if the febreeze helped or just masked the odor with a strong perfume scent. I need to keep an eye out for it again, give it another try

    1. I am using Tide with febreze now, I think I wait too long to wash. Like 2 days instead of the same day. Sports authority had some tide looking bottles, but I didn't get close enough to read them. I think Heath stink on top of Mary stink equals super stink!

  2. I want to replace my workout tights with carbon 38 workout clothes. Have heard a lot about them from my friends and sister too. They are having them for workout exercise and glad to have them in budget. Want to buy few pairs for myself too.


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