Thursday, December 19, 2013

Random Acts of Kindness

Someone at the gym paid for 5 smoothies to give out to people.  Random acts of kindness seem to go around during the holidays.  It made me smile. 

Today was an arms day because I had a leg overload the last few days.  Some of the weights I normally lift were a little heavy. I have been slacking a little.

There was a very tall guy lifting weights, to me he looked like a football player--tall and big.  I was lifting and I felt like I was in his way.  So I kept asking if he wanted me to move.  Then he said, "How tall are you? You look tall." I told him I was almost 5'9" and he said that I looked taller. Then he asked how old I was.  When I said 34, he said, "No way! I thought you were still a baby, like maybe 21."  HA HA!!!

I know I don't look that young.  I am not sure why he was asking me those questions.  He was talking about his wife to someone else, so I am sure he wasn't flirting with me.  Maybe it was because I was the only girl lifting at the time.  It kind of made my day and now has left me wondering why he was asking me those questions.

The other girls that were in the Booty Barre class with me said they were sore.  One is having a hard time going up the stairs.  I felt that way the first time I tried Tae-bo, that workout killed my buns.

I'm trying to figure out what to wear for the Cable Bridge Run.  I need to cover all of my skin, but I don't want to wear sweats.  Nylons and capris?  That will look awesome.  I should have gotten some of the holiday compression socks. It should be warm enough so I won't need a face mask to breathe.

Most years, we try to give a treat to our neighbors for Christmas.  I am not in the baking mood. One neighbor brought potpourri already.  I better come up with something soon...
 A copy of this picture?

After church dress-up fun

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
35 minutes--lifting arms and shoulders
  • arms to the side biceps curl
  • overhead shoulder press with a twist
  • hammer curl
  • triceps pulldown with cable
  • shoulder fly
  • lateral raise
  • easy bar biceps curl
  • shoulder tap planks

15 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
30 minutes--treadmill--3.7 miles, sprints with walking breaks
10 minutes--stretching

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