Monday, December 16, 2013

New Gym Expansion

You know you're a little hooked on the gym when you can't sleep because you are looking forward to a good sweat.

 My husband goes to the gym early morning, so I asked him what he thought.  He said the row machines were up on a stage or platform.  He also said that the weight machines were in a bigger room and things were nicely spaced. 

So when I got there, I had some mental pictures in my head.  The new kids room is a lot larger than the last one.  The old room got crowded during the morning hours.  Now there is running room instead of just sitting room.

The cardio room is separated from the weights.  Not all of the machines could fit in the room.  There are a few bikes and the striders with the weights. There aren't any mirrors around the cardio room.  While I was running, I realized that I use the mirrors a lot, to see who is coming in and to check my form.  It felt a little different.

I walked into the weights room and it is huge.  I was looking forward to using the glute/hamstring developer, but it wasn't there yet.

The stage with the rowing machines is really a huge stage.  There are spotlights and projector screens.  The building was previously used as a church.  All of the equipment that used to be in the back stretching area is also up on the stage.  I used to go in the corner and stretch because it was in the back corner.  Now it is like you are putting on a show.  I don't know if they are going to keep it that way, but it was really strange to me. But if they ever want to have karaoke parties, they are set.
I did get to the gym in time for Zumba class.  None of my friends were there. 
I didn't go in.  The lady kept saying, "Where is everybody?"  I think there were 5 people in the class. If you like Zumba, there is plenty of room in this class.  I was hoping that some of the other moms would be there and then it would be fun.  Maybe I'll try the class tomorrow. And I will get some pictures of the stage!
35 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
40 minutes--lifting
  • assisted pull-ups
  • single-arm rows (chainsaws)
  • back extensions
  • squats with shoulder press
  • single-arm shoulder press
  • iron cross
  • upright row
  • hammer curls
17 minutes--treadmill--2 miles
15 minutes--abs and stretching

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  1. Jon is jealous he says however the girl in the picture is doing a reverse method "crossfit style".


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