Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Blessing In Disguise

Today was the first day that I have ever had to take my kids out of the kids room at the gym.  I have had to change diapers of course, but I had never before taken them out because they were inconsolable.  The worst part of it was that my daughter was the one making my son cry.  She is a big tease to everyone, but she usually has fun at the gym.  It was so annoying and surprising and sad.  Of anyone in there, she should be able to control herself and be nice to her brother.

I left upset.  I told her that she could not have a friend over today because she had chosen to be mean to her brother.  Of course she was mad at me, but she got over it pretty quickly.  Luke was not happy for quite a while.  He just wanted to be held and then he wanted to eat something.  That usually does the trick.
 Going home ended up being a blessing in disguise.  I was able to run outside and it was beautiful! I really need to do this more.  The bad thing is that I had never run outside in my PureFlows.  I ended up with a tight calf and had to do an ice bath.  It is still tight.  So I will be foam rolling and icing tonight.
The river is really gorgeous and is only a few blocks from my house.  I planned my course not knowing how far it was, but it only took 18 minutes, so I ran another, shorter loop. 
3.33 miles in 27:30.
What is the weather like in your city?  Run outside or inside?

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