Friday, March 7, 2014

The Rest of Barbara and Yoga Class

I wanted to see how hard the CrossFit WOD "BARBARA" really is, so I tried to do it today.  I finished 4.5 rounds.  The last round, I went backwards and could only get half of it done.

80 assisted pull ups
120 push up (half triceps/half chest)
200 sit ups
250 air squats

That was plenty to get my arms shaky and legs tired.  I kind of wanted to do burpees too, but I am saving those for tomorrow. 

Yoga class was fun.  We did some new choreography that was tough and stretched me more than usual.  I can tell that my flexibility is improving.  Gail said we will start working on splits next week.  That has never been a goal of mine but I am looking forward to it.

I rented "Catching Fire" to watch tonight.  We tried to see it in the theater once, but it was sold out. 
The kids get to watch "Free Birds."  I don't know anything about it.  Hopefully it keeps them happy.

We played outside for a couple hours this afternoon.  I have a very artistic daughter.  This is her chalk art.

Enjoy the sunshine, if you have it!


  1. A that is amazing chalk art I try to do stuff like that all the time but yours is beautiful!

    1. That's Amy's art. She is really talented.

  2. I did not know Amy was such an artist. She definitely gets that from you.


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