Wednesday, March 5, 2014

Plan For Tomorrow

I guess I think about this a lot.  So, I was happy this morning when I saw MSN running an article on shaving your legs.  Who knew there were rules.  I was just given a razor in 6th grade and not any real direction. I have been doing it wrong my whole life. I would really like an article on pit shaving, there must be a better way.  Read here. Shaving Mistakes

I had all kinds of energy this morning and then I went to Barre and now I am wiped out. I tried to lift after and I just couldn't do much.  So instead of worrying about it, I came home and made a plan for tomorrow's workout.

The plan is:
10 mile easy run (might split with AMT if I get bored).
and then...
I won't do 5 Rounds.  Just 2 when I am done running.

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