Saturday, March 1, 2014

Saturday Is A Special Day

I took yesterday off for a meeting and had to get to the gym this morning. Plus, last night we went out to eat at this Chinese restaurant that was totally decked out 80's style.  The food was okay, at best, and they gave us the wrong order.  We didn't realize it until we left. What exactly did we eat?

 After the gym, we ate protein bars and did some push ups.
He's such a good helper.
We did something we almost never do today.  My husband and I watched "Gravity" and then we watched "Thor." 2 movies in one day is unheard of and overkill.  We won't do that again unless we are watching a trilogy or something like that. But is was kind of fun to have a date at home, once we got over the motion sickness. If you've seen "Gravity" you know what I mean.
10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
16 minutes--Rowing
  • 500m/1 min. rest x5
10 minutes--push ups and planks
35 minutes--AMT--16/18 Intervals
I am sure that what I do for exercise seems like a lot or hard to some people.  I started at zero and have worked my way to where I am and I am still working. Start small and make goals.  Make time for a little or a lot of exercise.  It will be hard at first and might not get easier, but you will get better at it.  You can do it!

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