Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Lift and Chat

Just as I was headed to the gym, I got contacted by the insurance adjuster.  They came back with a payment that we can definitely work with. The only problem was that their estimate was based on a 12x12 tile and our current tiles are 18x18.  I don't know if that makes a difference, but if it does, I would rather know up front what that might be.

I called the tile analysis company and they are going to research it and send a new report to the insurance.  That was super easy.  I tried to go through my insurance agent first and then I just went straight to the source. 

Now I need to get out and look at tiles again.  This is going to be a messy few weeks, but after the floor is fixed and the new room is put in, we will feel like we have a newish house.  Then I can do my Spring cleaning and get the fridge out of the way.  That will be fabulous.

I hadn't gone to the gym in a while, so I spent some time catching up with some of the regulars.  One took my advice and went to the chiropractor and feels a lot better.  My trainer is like the "Incredible Shrinking Woman."  I think she is 8 weeks from her competition and she is super lean. Another guy came over and said, "Quit talking. Get to work."  We are like a little family.

Today was shoulder day, so I wouldn't irritate my calf muscle.  I love working my shoulders, but today was a little hard because the weights that I wanted to use were taken.  I always take one set and then switch to a higher weight, but someone took 4 sets at once.  All of the weights that I normally use.  That made it a little tough. 

For cardio, I did the AMT for 22 minutes and the C2 for 10 minutes

I still want to take it easy until there is no pain in my calf.  It feels way better today.  I can't feel the cramp anymore, but there are pockets of inflammation still.  It might be something called Compartment Syndrome.  We'll hope it's just cramping that can be cured with better nutrition.

What did you do today?
What are your favorite workout DVDs?

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