Monday, March 3, 2014

Regular Workout

We had an ice delay for school today, which meant that my kindergartener got to stay home.  We had breakfast and went to the gym.  By the time we left the house, the roads were good, but the sidewalks were terrible. The gym was pretty empty.  It is always nice when you can use whatever equipment you want without waiting.

My kids wanted to see the "Let It Go" performance on the Oscars last night.  They thought the singer should look like the character, but she doesn't.  The sad thing is that it was at the end of the program, so they stayed up a little late.  And the performance was a little off, but Idina Menzel is still an incredible singer.  I think her voice must have been tired from her Broadway show. They watch a lot of different versions of that song on YouTube.  Like most moms, I am a little tired of it. But I still appreciate good music.

I am trying to figure out what races to do.  There are a lot of 5Ks around here and a few longer races.  I need to make a goal, make a plan, and work the plan.  I don't feel like doing a half right now, so I will probably do a couple 5K and 10K races and then do a half toward the end of the summer or early fall again.  If anyone wants a running partner for a race in the area, let me know. 

There are a lot of cute, older men and women at the gym.  The other day, a man came up to me and said, "You sure work hard.  I tried to get my wife to exercise.  She would still be alive today if she did.  She died last year and was 350 lbs. If she would have done half of what you do, she would still be here. Keep it up."

I wasn't sure what to say back to him.  I just said, "Thank You" and "I'm sorry for your loss." I can imagine that his wife didn't know where to start and felt overwhelmed. In that case, a trainer could be a great option.  A little cheerleader in your corner who wants you to succeed and can teach you how to do it. It is possible to start even if you have never exercised.  Give it a try.

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
40 minutes--lifting
  • deep squat and press with dumbbells (hands in neutral position)--3x12 reps
  • hack squat, heels on 25 lb. weight plate, holding dumbbells--3x12 reps
  • squat with dumbbells at sides
  • reverse lunge holding 25 lb. weight plate overhead
  • bicep row with easy curl bar
  • bicep curl top half x12, bottom half x12, full range x 12 (3 sets)
  • sumo squats
27 minutes--treadmill--variable speeds and walking
30 minutes--stairclimber--level 12

What's your favorite workout?

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