Saturday, March 15, 2014


Leg day went pretty well.  My real problem was running. With allergies, I take my medicine and hope that I will be able to breathe well when I run.  It usually takes an hour or so to clean everything out.  I ran first today and had to stop to blow my nose a few times.  It still ran at a decent pace and I ran 3 miles, but it wasn't in a row. I was able to run 8 minute miles which is what I should be doing for a tempo run.
We still haven't heard back from our insurance and don't know what all they will cover for our kitchen repair.  We decided to go look at tile so we would have an idea of what we wanted.  We like the 16x24 tile and the 20x20 or bigger squares.  We think we want to have them laid in a brick pattern (half bond).  The good thing is the tile store said our original tile quality was pretty good.  We are hopeful we will get a good budget for replacement.
We also had to get a passport picture for my husband while we were out.  I was afraid he looked mad, but it was actually a good picture.  He is pretty photogenic.  I, on the other hand, am not.
Tomorrow is church day.  Time to bathe the kids and finish up the laundry.  Happy weekend!!!

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