Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Recovery Day

Mondays are now Rest Days for me.
I checked the mail and found this article in my magazine.
I thought that  Operation: Veg Out was my own creative invention, but like most ideas, other people have thought of them too.
But hey, if you did the challenge, you are ahead of the game.
Photo: I checked my mail today. Look what I found. We're ahead of the game.
These bars are listed as a good veggie source snack.  I got them at WalMart.
They just taste like a smoothie.  No real veggie flavor. Nutritional Value/flavors here. We have tried to drink some kid's fruit/veggie juices and my kids have not like them. But...
 I'm pretty sure he liked this one.   He asked for more.
After I took a shower today, I grabbed the wrong one and almost put IcyHot on my pits. I had it open and arm up before I saw my error in the mirror. That would have killed!
Photo: I almost used the wrong one on my pits. That would have burned.
I went to the Chiropractor today to get my calf worked on.  He recommended electrolyte replacement and staying away from calf specific exercises for a while.  He also said calf sleeves or compression socks would be a good idea.  So, I am in search of some awesome leopard print, lightning bolt, skull leg accessories.  Just kidding. 
What is your favorite compression gear?
What socks would you recommend?
How do you sneak in fruits and veggies? Ideas for kids?

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