Monday, March 31, 2014

Ready, Set, Go!

It's the start of a new week and the start of Spring Break.  Time to play and clean and restart your New Year's Resolutions or make new ones. 
What am I going to do?

Once all of this is done, I will do my Spring Cleaning.  That means I get to play with my kids and figure out the garden for a few more weeks. We have family in town and that means automatic fun times. I love when my kids get to play with their cousins.  And I get to hold some babies.
I visited the Chiropractor again.  He thinks that I must have a small tear in my calf that hasn't healed all the way.  All the inflammation stuff is happening because my body is trying to protect itself.  No running for another week. Ice, rest, compress.
This is the latest therapy. Kinesio Tape or KT tape. I know very little about this stuff.  The only people I have seen use it have been on TV (Olympics and CrossFit).  I can't vouch for the efficacy of it, but I am going to use it and hope that it helps. Here is a website that tells you how to place the tape based on your injury.
My compression socks came in the mail.  I haven't used them to exercise yet.  They are comfortable for around the house. 
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Start small and see where you end up in a week.
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Keep Moving!

What are your Spring Break plans?


  1. When I hurt my knee Jon actually youtubed how to use KT it was a brand purchased from Walmart. I had it on all night. It helped stabilized my knee. I was a believer but I after a day I started itching and like a dummie I started peeling off the tape he used three pieces and blisters had formed around the edges of the tape. I'm not sure if it was pulling the skin or if it was an allergic reaction. But I had one billowy pus filled larger blister that has discouraged me from using it since. When you decide to take it off get it wet first then take it off that adhesive it serious stuff. I want to know how you liked it.

  2. I took mine off in the tub. Maybe you're allergic to the adhesive. I was surprised that he placed it on my leg without any tension. No blisters for me. I only left it on 3 days.


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