Tuesday, March 11, 2014

Blogs on My Sidebar

The Hungry Runner Girl
Janae blogs about her daughter, her running, and her divorce.  She is fast, working on a sub-3 hr. marathon.  She is happy and fun.  She shares shoes, recipes, movies.  I will never be as fast as she is, but she inspires me to work and be positive. Living in Utah.

Monica is a redheaded Mexican who lives near LA.  She is a mega runner.  Often doing marathons on consecutive weekends.  I am not sure how she handles all of that running.  She shares funny running quotes and useful tips.  Her blog is informative and entertaining. Monica is a certified trainer as well as a runner.

Fannetastic Food
Anne is a registered dietician and just completed her 2nd marathon.  She shares her runs around the DC area and lots of good nutrition advice.  She is very relatable.  She works hard but still seems like a normal person, not an elite runner or a weekly racer.  Her blog makes a marathon seem like an attainable goal.

Other blogs I read on occasion:
HungryMotherRunner--instructor and runner.  Likes CrossFit style workouts, tabatas.
MotherRacer--running coach and racer (fast).

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