Monday, March 17, 2014

Running Faster Research

There are a few days before my next race, and maybe enough time to get a little faster.  I know I can run faster, I just need to train better so my body is used to going faster. 

Most of the time I run 8 minute miles.  That has gotten to the point that it feels more like a jog.  It isn't terribly hard and I don't breathe too heavily.  That means I am not pushing.  That is fine if I just want to run, but I want to run and race, so I need to up my speed. 

I have been reading about a threshold pace.  According to, it is "the fastest pace at which you can run and remain in control of your breathing." My last 5K, I ran a 7:40 pace.  I think that is a good pace for me, but I think I could take off 10 seconds with a little effort.  The other thing is my fear of bonking.  The only time that happened was when I tried to run a half marathon without training.  I should have expected it. 

The VO2 max pace is hard breathing and is at a speed you can hold for 6-10 minutes.  I put in some times into McMillan and it says my VO2 pace is 6:57, my threshold is 8:05.  From my experience, I am a little faster than those paces.  But, when I entered my goal race time, it said I needed to train at 7:24 threshold and 6:22 for the VO2. You can plug in your race times and goal times and see what paces to shoot for. McMillan Running.

Most of my running is a jog, but to get faster I need to do more speed work that is actually work and not just a little faster than the norm.  I think I might train for a marathon too.  I never really wanted to do one, but I almost feel like I need to do one to be a legit runner.  What do you think?

Running on the beach at Pismo.  This little lady is turning 12 soon.

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