Wednesday, March 19, 2014

Pre-Race Tips

Tip #1
Cut your toenails at least 3 days before your race.

I can't stand when I can feel my toenails when I run.  I cut them a few days before a race and then I'm ready to go.

Drink your water.
This is obvious to most, but your hydration days before your race is just as important as race day hydration.  A 5K is considered a sprint, so there are often no water stations. Consider planting your own water bottles or having a friend cheer you on with a drink at the halfway point.
Tip #3
Check the weather so you wear the proper amount of clothing.
The fewer clothes you wear, the faster you go, but if you're frozen you won't get anywhere. I guess there is a reason for short running shorts. I will be wearing my knickers.
Tip #4
Don't overeat the night before. 
I feel better in the morning when I don't eat past 7 pm the night before.  Eat a normal meal that isn't to heavy, greasy or overly fibrous.  If you need to carb load for a longer race, eat more at breakfast and lunch. 
People recommend eating before a race, toast with peanut butter and a banana, for example. 
For a 5K you might not need to eat much as long as it starts early.  My race is at 10:30 am, so I will be eating breakfast around 7 am to give me some time to digest.  I might get a GU just in case I don't feel like eating in the morning.
Tip #5
Rest the day before
No exertion except stretching or walking.
Tip #6
Get a good nights sleep.
Set a curfew and go to bed. ZZZZZZ
Tip #7
Do what you've trained to do.
Don't try to switch things up on race day.  Don't wear new shoes. Don't try an energy drink you've never had before. 
*****Do have fun.  That's what it's all about.

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