Thursday, March 27, 2014

What You Can Do With a Leg Injury

Trying to keep my workouts the same with a leg injury is basically impossible.
In my case, it doesn't mean that I can't workout, but I can't run or I shouldn't if I want to heal faster.
Here is a list of a few things you can still do if you have an injury in your lower leg.
Lifting: As long as you avoid lifts that focus on the lower leg, you can keep doing those workouts.  Today, I lifted my back and yesterday I did some thrusters.  Those focus on you buns and thighs, so my calf didn't come into play.  Just avoid calf raises and anything that requires jumping or being on tip toes.
Swimming: If you have access to a pool, go do it.  The water can be soothing and there is minimal resistance.
Elliptical: Keep the resistance low and the cross ramp in a position that focuses on glutes and quads and you should be just fine.  Don't try to go too fast.  Relax.  Getting it done, is getting it done.  Even if you can't go fast.
Walking: People under estimate the benefits of walking.  Almost everyone can do it.  Remember the good old 10,000 step goal, not speed.
Abs: Whatever you choose to do, as long as you are lying down on your back, you should be okay. I rarely do a full on abs workout. They say abs are made in the kitchen.
Eat Clean:  This is the thing you can always do whether you are injured or not, to maintain your health and strength.  I'll admit that I haven't been eating as well this week.  I need to stock up again and maybe I need to take more pictures of what I eat again.  That really helped me. Feel free to post food pics on the Facebook page if that helps you too.
***If any of these workouts irritate the injury, don't do it.  Total rest is okay too. It is better to take a week off than to have to take a few months off.
What do you do when you are injured?
What is the best way to heal?
Does taking a day off drive you crazy?

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