Monday, January 6, 2014

Back At It

After a few days of "vacation" I was excited to get back to the gym.  I worked my legs today, planning to be sore tomorrow and ready for Booty Barre class on Wednesday.  I pushed myself hard, rep wise, not so much with weight.  My legs were shaking and I felt like I couldn't do any more when I was done.  I guess that means it was a good workoutThen I ran 5 miles.  And it didn't feel like anything.  I went slow and mixed in sprints.  It felt good to get sweaty and now I am definitely tired.

12 minutes--AMT--warm-up
45 minutes--legs
  • squats on Smith machine
  • calf raises (Smith)
  • plié squat (Smith)
  • squat and overhead press with medicine ball
  • jump squat
  • deep bodyweight squats (3 sets of 50)
  • hack squats
  • squat and overhead press with dumbbells (15 lb. and 17.5 lb.)
10 minutes--abs
45 minutes--treadmill--5 miles (3 miles, then sprints)

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