Thursday, January 23, 2014

Buying Running Shoes

I have had good luck finding shoes that I love wearing.  My research starts online and then I go into the shoe store to try some on.  Take your time trying out shoes in the store and don't go for what's popular, go for what works with your foot.

Shoe Fit Guide  Runner's World asks a bunch of questions to help you find the right type of shoes and gives you similar shoes in different brands. These mistakes are common when it comes to choosing running shoes. (via)

Mistake #1: Buying for looks. It's easy to go for cute or trendy shoes.  But you will have pain and you will have to get another pair if the shoes are the wrong fit.

Mistake #2: Not asking for deals. I ask for a deal usually when I know it is the old model and the new one is available.  I don't always get a discount, but when I have it is around 20%.

Mistake #3: Buying shoes that are too small.  There is a rule of thumb for buying shoes.  You want a thumbs width of space at your toes to allow for swelling. Some shoes actually say "Go up 1/2 a size."

Mistake #4: Shopping at the wrong time of day.  Your feet are smaller in the morning than in the afternoon.  Try on shoes after a workout or toward the end of the day.

Mistake #5: Assuming your size. Just like jeans, shoe brands don't size the same.  Your size in a Nike might not be the same in Brooks.  Get sized, it only takes a second.

Sometimes I get to the gym and I do it to get it done.  Today I had energy, wasn't sore, and it was great.

5 minutes--dynamic stretch
20 minutes--AMT-16/18 Intervals
35 minutes--lifting--legs
  • sumo squat
  • hamstring curl (machine)
  • leg press sled
  • leg extension
  • calf raises on deck, heels off the back
  • single leg hamstring curl
44minutes--treadmill--5.2 miles--run, walk, sprint mix

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