Wednesday, January 1, 2014

Rowing Machine--What I Should Have Read First

This information comes from the Concept2 website. There is also a how-to video.  I got the form down after a while, but I also got some blisters. There are probably lots of video demos on YouTube as well. This was my first try on the rower. I really felt it in my glutes. Is that right?

The Rowing Stroke
The rowing stroke can be divided into two parts: The drive and the recovery.
You will learn a coordinated movement pattern built upon the following positions and phases:

The Recovery (Phase 1)

  • Extend your arms until they straighten.
  • Lean your upper body forward to the one o'clock position.
  • Once your hands and the oar handle have cleared your knees, allow your knees to bend and gradually slide the seat forward on the monorail.

The Catch (Position 1)

  • Arms are straight; head is neutral; shoulders are level and not hunched.
  • Upper body is at the one o'clock position—shoulders in front of hips.
  • Shins are vertical and not compressed beyond the perpendicular.
  • Balls of the feet are in full contact with the footplate.

The Drive (Phase 2)

  • With straight arms and while maintaining the position of the upper body at one o'clock, exert pressure on the foot plate and begin pushing with your legs.
  • As your legs approach straight, lean the upper body back to the eleven o'clock position and draw the hands back to the lower ribs in a straight line.

The Finish (Position 2)

  • Legs are extended and handle is held lightly at your lower ribs.
  • Upper body is at the eleven o'clock position—slightly reclined with good support from your core muscles.
  • Head is in a neutral position.
  • Neck and shoulders are relaxed, and arms are drawn past the body with flat wrists.

5 minutes--AMT--warm-up
30 minutes--rowing--resistance=8, distance=6000 meters


  1. A video I watched said arms, legs, back. Meaning pull with arms, then push with legs, and then lean back. But I like the way this breaks it down. Jon has been trying to get me to start rowing since my favorite machine is the AMT

    1. When I first tried, my motion was choppy with arms first, but then it seemed to get smoother when I stopped thinking about it and made it a more fluid motion. I don't know how much I like it, but it is fun to mix it up. I always feel like I get a good workout on the AMT.


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