Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Piece of Advice

When you get tired of wearing the same shirts to the gym, do not wear a light gray 100% cotton shirt instead.  It will immediately show sweaty pits, sweaty neck, sweaty back, and when you get super sweaty, a sweaty belly button.  This no light gray rule applies to all cotton knit shorts.  Not pretty. If you are going to go all cotton, stick with dark colors.  On top of that, my shirt had 3/4 sleeves. 
Dri-fit and other wicking fabrics totally make a difference. Eventually, sweat marks will appear, but it is more gradual. You can get good deals at TJ Maxx or Target.  I haven't tried any Old Navy stuff, but they do have a large selection these days. Time to go get a new shirt. Maybe this one.

CrossFit Dash Sweat Angel Men's T-Shirt


  1. I signed up at the Y and went to my first class last night. It was a weight lifting class and way too hard for my first real workout post baby. Probably my hardest workout ever. I am sooo sore. Working out is fun... when you are in good shape. Let's hope it doesn't take too long to get back there and that my determination will last that long.

    1. I remember my first hard workout post Luke was a Tracy Anderson post pregnancy DVD. It was so stinking hard. I don't think anyone 4-6 weeks post partum should try that one. Stick with it. Low impact, bodyweight only or 3 lb. weights max til you build up your strength. Planks are good. You'll be good in no time.


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