Wednesday, January 8, 2014

What the Wednesday

Yesterday was quite eventful.  Haylee threatened to stay in the car and eat her coat instead of eating the dinner I was making.  She did come inside eventually and had some broccoli and chicken nuggets. Amy had a project due and I had to shake the printer ink cartridges for all I was worth and hope that they would still print out 11 decent pages.  And to top it all off, Luke decided to wake up several times and fall out of my bed when I finally gave up and let him sleep with me.  After he fell, I said, "We need to take you to your room so you can be safe," and he said, "Okay."

Haylee has started writing notes, no more waves and squiggles. She tries her best to sound out the words and leaves out lots of vowels.  Surprisingly, she got this one right. It's a note she placed by to bathroom for her older sister.  Got to love Kindergarteners!

While we are on the subject, I got these for little man.  He wanted to put them on right away.  10 minutes later I had to change them and flush some stuff down the toilet. I said, "Don't pee on McQueen."  Technically he was obedient.

Booty Barre was tough again today.  I cannot stay on my tiptoes for very long. It was fun to be in class with 10 other women.  All sighing and groaning. My legs were shaking.

Booty Barre--45 minutes
35 minutes--treadmill--sprints (3.5 miles total) 9.0 mph, walking and jogging breaks.

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