Saturday, January 11, 2014

Tabata Review

Class this morning was fun.  There were at least 20 ladies.  Most of them had done the class before and I was one of the few newbies.
Really, Tabata is anything you want it to be.  The instructor really emphasized going at your own pace and showed several modifications.  The songs had timers with the music, telling you when to start and when to break.  20 seconds goes by really fast when you are doing almost anything.  20 seconds of pretend jump roping is a lot easier than 20 seconds of pushups.
Round 1: Jumping Jacks(A) and Reverse Lunges(B).
20 seconds A
10 seconds rest
20 seconds B
10 seconds rest
*Repeat 4 times
Round 2: Forearm Plank and Deep Squat Jump
Round 3: Skaters and Pushups
Round 4: Superman and Swims
Round 5: Jump Rope and Jump Squats (or Burpees)
Round 6: Various Planks
Round 7: High Knees and Hop Side to Side
Round 8: Bicycle Crunches and Squats
Cool down
It was a simple workout. The instructor said to expect delayed soreness.  I did knee pushups, but did the harder mod for the other exercises.  She recommended doing this type of workout during commercials when you watch TV in the evening. It would be easy to get the whole family to do it. Let everybody pick a move and have fun!

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