Saturday, January 25, 2014


Sweat the Alphabet is their slogan.  And it is very true. 

The moves are easy to follow--letter and number shapes on the floor (L,C,1, and 1+1), but then they do remixes and combinations that make it a little more difficult and a little more dancy.  
There are 9 levels to Bokwa.  Each level has different letter and number patterns that they follow.  Level 1-3 each have 13 moves that they use and each workout usually draws 4-5 moves and repeats them for the whole workout.  The tempo of the music increases after all of the movements have been introduced. What this (basic moves) really reminds me of is step aerobics without the step.
The trainers were wearing FitBits and said they burned 600-650 calories in 1 hour.  It was a good workout, very different from what I normally do.  I definitely have no groove.  Not sure if I could learn to have it.  At the end of class, they asked if any one wanted to get certified.  There are only 2 instructors in my part of Washington.  They said that Bokwa is on fire overseas and we could all get in on the ground floor of the next aerobics craze.  Nobody bit.
They asked us to write comments and let them know if we want the class at the gym.  I can't say yes and I can't say no.  It was fun.  You probably need 4 or 5 classes to really get it. If they brought it back, I would try it again.

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