Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Balanced Diet

This is what I've eaten so far today.
Spinach, avocado, chicken breast, multi-grain chips, a muscle milk, and some mini cinnamon rolls.

Add 4 more cinnamon rolls to that picture.

In an attempt to get more sleep, I have been using a white noise app.  It has worked for me the last 2 nights, but neither of us are sure if our little boy has been waking up in the night.  When he got up this morning, he seemed extra stuffy, which is a clue that he was crying in the night. But he wasn't upset enough that he woke us up or crawled out of his crib. Win?

My legs felt heavy when I woke up this morning.  My arms and back felt tired too. Perhaps I overdid it yesterday.  Today was arms and shoulders.  I never hit a groove, it was hard.  Even running seemed hard. I did get a good laugh today.  This older gentleman said, "I gotta workout. Out comes the sun, out comes the guns," then he flexed.

10 minutes--AMT--warm-up
40 minutes--lifting arms and shoulders
  • neutral shoulder press with a twist
  • shoulder fly
  • upright row
  • outer bicep curl
  • hammer curl
  • triceps pulldown
  • shoulder tap planks
  • burnout: 5 lb. lateral raise
45 minutes--treadmill--5.2 miles ran at 6.8/7.5 mph most of the time. Some walking between miles.

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