Saturday, January 11, 2014

Sports Bra Deal of the Century

That might be an overstatement, but I felt like I hit the lottery. Sports bras are not generally my friend.  I have to have some kind of help otherwise my front looks just like my back.  So this bra is great because it has a soft cup with some padding inside. The fabric is like swimsuit material and feels like it could last for 10 years.
TJ Maxx had a load of Brooks brand workout clothes.  This is the Glycerin II printed sports bra.  Cute and comfortable.  No one will ever see it, but cute makes it fun.  I have been paying $12 at Wal-Mart for plain ones that fell apart after a few months.

Retail is $40.00
You often have to hunt at stores like TJ Maxx, but you might be surprised at what you can find.

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