Thursday, January 30, 2014

First Official CrossFit Class

This is a good story. No really it is.  It borders on ridiculous.
So, you all know that I love my chiropractor.  I mean, he can fix any problem I have.  Anyway, he texted me to see if I wanted to try out CrossFit at his friend's gym. We had talked about CrossFit once and he mentioned some friends and that he was going to a Box over by the river.  So that is about as specific as the conversation got. 
He told me the class was at a box closer to my house, so I went to the only one I knew.  I told the guy why I was there and who I was supposed to meet and he told me he didn't know him and that I must be in the wrong place.  I asked if there was another CrossFit place around there that I didn't know about.  He said, "No, we're the only one."  Pretty sure he knew there was another one just a mile down the road.    
I didn't have my phone with me, so I couldn't text my friend.  I was really just going to go home, but I didn't want to leave him hanging.  Anyway, I take off down the freeway, over the river and hope that I will find the place that I knew he had worked out at previously.  I figured I must have read the text wrong.  When I get there, I am 10 minutes late. 

The owners wave me in and ask what I needed.  I told them my whole story and how I was supposed to meet a friend and that I was sorry I was late.  I told them I would come back on a different day.  They said they needed another partner and that I should just jump in.  So, I did.  They were very nice, very helpful. Unlike the other dude.
We warmed up doing defensive slides, at least that's what I did.  That not what they called it and I probably did them wrong. Then we did a few karaokes, air squats, and a little shuttle run.
The WOD was with a partner.
5 Rounds
150 m run
10 tire flips
20 burpees (alternating partners)
I had a great time.  My partner was super nice.  She was probably 60 and was on her second class ever.  It wasn't terribly hard because it was a beginner class, but I did sweat. 
And now for the rest of the story...
I get home and wonder what the heck happened?  I send a message to my "friend",
ME: "I think I went to the wrong place. Where was I supposed to go?"
HIM: "Haha! Wrong one!" ---then he tells me which one I was supposed to go to.
ME: "Yeah. We never talked about that one."
HIM: "Did you do the class? Were they suspicious?"
ME: "Yes.  It was fun.  Pretty sure I'll sleep well tonight."
HIM: "Well good." You can still try the other one tomorrow.
ME: "Thanks for the intro."
HIM: "Anytime."
Miscommunication at its finest.
I looked up prices and the CrossFit I went to has the best price.  It is not as fancy as the others, but it was really no pressure and very friendly.  I will have to try to other one to compare.
Good times.
Workout (morning):
30 minutes--AMT--16/18 Interval
40 minutes--treadmill
  • sprints--4.5 miles (walking breaks)

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