Wednesday, January 29, 2014

I'll Never Learn

Just before I ran out to Booty Barre class I remembered that I didn't shave yesterday, so I did a pit check.  Then, I did what I know I should never do--dry shave.  I patted a little water under my arms and ended up scraping/burning my underarms.  I should have just not worried about it.  Probably no one would notice, but I always feel like I need to shave. Now I can't shave for a few days so my skin can heal. What is the answer? Anybody do lasers or waxing?
Last time I tried to get in on Booty Barre it was packed.  This time I arrived 10 minutes early and got a good spot in the front row.  I can tell that my posture is getting better.  I can stay on my toes for longer and I am squeezing my glutes during most of the class.  I may have found the antidote for my hereditary rear flatness.
Today is the last day of my cleanse. I have not cheated like I normally do.  A bite of something here or there.  This time I was really good.  I did eat more snacks--apple with peanut butter or celery and PB, so I wouldn't be tempted by the other treats in the house.  I could have done better with my water consumption a couple days, but all in all it was  a successful 10 days.  I just need to keep up eating every couple of hours and making sure to eat after a workout.
Muscle Milk® Light Ready-to-Drink
My favorite food I used this round was the Light Muscle Milk premade protein shakes from Costco. I put one in the car to have after the gym.  They were like a treat, but gave me a good 20g protein shot.  I also ate carne asada with corn tortillas and avocado.  You could just use the meat as a tortilla and add avocado, lettuce, and tomatoes.
We've had gray, cold days for a few weeks.  The sun finally broke out this afternoon.  Time to go soak it up.  Hopefully it stays for a while.

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