Monday, January 27, 2014


After going to Bokwa on Saturday, I thought I should try out Zumba to compare them and decide if either was worth doing.

The instructor was totally into it and she looked good doing all of the moves, but most of the crowd looked lost and not sexy in any way. It wasn't too hard for me to catch on to most of the moves, but when I was finally getting to the full body motions, the song would end.  Each song is a new set of dance moves.  Yes, dance moves.  This is not a floor aerobics class, it's a dance class. And if you are a dancer it would probably be great for you.

We did salsa, merengue, cumbia, and other latin dance moves.  The songs that switched to more hip hop moves were a lot easier for me.  I guess you can't really judge after only one class, but if I don't do another one, I'll be okay.

At the end, people asked what she could improve and if they were ready to move on to harder choreography.  These ladies have done the class 3-5 times and didn't have a handle on the moves we were doing.  I don't know how they could handle anything more difficult. I mentioned that maybe she should do the Bokwa next time because the moves are more basic.  So, next Monday instead of Zumba they are going to have Bokwa and then decide what people want.

I did feel like I got a workout.  I was a little sweaty and I laughed a lot.  So I guess it was a good use of an hour.

After class I lifted for about 20 minutes.  Tomorrow is a running day.  I can't wait.

I ordered some running knickers from Athleta.  They came and they are cute!

I am on day 8 of the cleanse. I'm down 4 lbs. but still 1 lb. over my norm. Thank heavens for the cleanse reset.

Are you a Zumba lover?

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